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Workers’ Compensation Claims

(Work Injuries)

If you are injured at work, the area of law that applies is Workers’ Compensation. The injured worker must report a work injury within thirty (30) days in Missouri and forty-five (45) days in Illinois. A formal report is not required in writing. The injured worker must simply tell his supervisor, management, or human resources that he was injured at work.

After an injury at work, the employee is entitled to treat with a physician of his or her choice and need not treat with a physician selected by the employer or the insurance company.

After a work injury, the employer is required to authorize and pay for your medical treatment, provide you with benefits such as temporary total disability if you are unable to work, and provide a settlement for permanent partial disability. You have these rights. However, the employer may not volunteer to pay your medical bills, provide you with compensation while you are unable to work, and most likely will not voluntarily offer you a settlement. This is why an injured employee needs an attorney to protect his or her rights.

Some work injuries, such as overuse and repetitive trauma injuries do not occur on a certain date but accumulate over time. Under these circumstances, the employee must report the work injury when the employee understands that the medical condition was caused by work activities.


Overuse/Repetitive Trauma

Some injuries aren’t clear cut. Carpal Tunnel is the medical term that refers to the nerve irritation in the hands as a result of typing or repetitive grasping or gripping at work. Some factory workers get carpal tunnel (hands) from repetitive tasks at work. An overuse injury to the elbow often results in cubital tunnel. This is often from frequent bending and use of the elbow at work. An employee may notice pain in the hands at work. Numbness and tingling in the hands is a classic symptom of an overuse injury. The employee may wake up in the middle of the night with numbness and tingling in the hands. Overuse injuries which occur due to work activity are covered under workers’ compensation. The law in this area is very complex and an injured person needs an experienced attorney to handle the claim. If you feel you have suffered an overuse injury, please contact our office to discuss your possible claim.

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