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Attorney Dan Juncker

Attorney Dan Juncker has over 40 years of experience representing injured workers, automobile accident victims, and other injured persons in the State and Federal Courts of Illinois and Missouri, including the St. Louis metropolitan area, the metro east area, and the various counties in Southern Illinois. He was a 1978 graduate of St. Louis University School of Law. He is a member of the Illinois Trial Lawyer’s Association which is an organization of Illinois Lawyers who specialize in the representation of injured workers and various types of bodily injury cases. He is a member of the St. Clair County Bar Association and the Illinois State Bar Association.

During his first nine (9) years of legal practice, Dan worked at a law firm which represented insurance companies defending cases filed by injured persons. Dan saw first-hand how the insurance companies delay the payment of medical bills, deny valid claims, and otherwise prevent an injured person from getting the compensation they deserve.


Paralegal Lorri Conklin

Lorri graduated from Southwest Illinois College in 2004 with her Paralegal Degree. She interned at the office of Dan Juncker while in college and started working full time at the office shortly after graduation. She has 16 years of experience handling claims and helping clients with their cases. Lorri can answer most questions that you may have and help deal with any problems that may arise.

Help Us Prepare To Win Your Case

When you are involved in a lawsuit, every piece of information that you have is valuable and should be shared with your attorney and their staff. Your attorney will need to know the names and addresses of all of your medical providers. We will need to know where you had x-rays, where you went to physical therapy, what hospital and doctor performed your surgery. When you go to the doctor or hospital and they give you any type of paperwork, especially a light duty or off work slip, a copy of that should immediately be given to your attorney. Any medical bills and/or health insurance paperwork, like Explanation of Benefit forms, that you receive regarding your injury should be copied and given to your attorney.

When a body part is injured, it is unlikely to recover one hundred percent of its pre-injury ability or flexibility. There are often aches, pains, less flexibility, trouble lifting, bending, sleeping, etc. It is important to let your attorney know about any residual problems that you have after you have healed from your injury.

Stay in contact with your attorney. It is a good idea to call your attorney once a month for an update on your case and to discuss general information. We understand that people move and change their phone numbers frequently. However, if you don’t let us know your new address and phone number, we will not be able to contact you when we have information for you and will not be able to get information from you when necessary.

Some cases take years to resolve. First you have to finish treating for your injury. You may treat for six months or a year, or even longer. After you are through treating, your attorney will collect all of the medical records and the medical bills. This is a process. Some of these will be collected while you are treating, but at the end of treatment the remainder will need to be collected. This process can take months. Once all of the bills and records are received, the attorney has to start the negotiation process with the insurance company or attorney on the case. The attorneys set up court dates and go back and forth in negotiations until your attorney either advises you that he has received a reasonable settlement offer or that he needs to prepare for trial. The insurance companies do not want to hand over money, and your attorney will have to fight on your behalf for every benefit to which you are entitled. Many people have never been through a lawsuit and do not understand the complications and what is involved. Your attorney can let you know what to expect.

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